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bjt_fan's Journal

non-crazy fans of the black jewels trilogy
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For fans of the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
We're all here for the same reason- we love The Black Jewels Trilogy and we want to share that love with other people. To keep things sane and fun, there are rules. Read the rules. Listen to the rules. Love the rules. Everyone will be happier this way, I promise.

1. When posting either more than four icons or animations or graphics larger than icons, please use an lj-cut. More info on how to do that can be found here.

2. Please attempt to type legibly, as that makes everyone happier.

3. Until we reach a general consensus on what is ok and what is not, please put spoilers behind a cut and clearly label what book is being spoiled.

4. Clearly label all fanfiction with spoilers, warnings, and ratings.

5. Fanfiction is both welcome and encouraged in this community. If you do not tolerate fanfiction based on these books, this may not be the community for you. Do not, under any circumstances, tell people that they cannot post fic. If you do not approve of fic, skip those posts. Passive-aggressive posts about the evils of fanfiction will not be tolerated. In order to join this community, you must reply to this post and say something along the lines of "I understand that fanfiction may be posted/discussed in this community, and I am ok with that" or "Anne Bishop is not the boss of me" or whatever.

6. Our fandom is already small and divided, so let's try to stay wank-free, mmkay? Discussing the books/characters/fic is fine, being a raving asshole is not.

7. All posts are automatically friends-locked (flocked) so that only members of this community can read them. Please do not unlock posts without clearing it with a mod, and please do not repost things other members say in a locked post without their permission. You must be a member of the community to read posts, but you are under no obligation to post or comment.

Mod: barbed_whispers. Email madetohealxx @ gmail.com if you have a problem.
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